Line Officers

The line officers are responsible for all operational aspects of the fire department, including training, vehicle maintenance, and operations on calls for service.


David Cone


Dave Cone joined the fire department soon after moving to Madison in 1999, and has previously served as lieutenant, deputy chief, and secretary.  He began his public safety career in 1984 as an EMT in NJ, and has also served on two urban search and rescue teams.



Chris Bernier

Deputy Chief

Chris Bernier is also a life-long resident of North Madison and began his work with the Department in 1997 at the age of 15. Chris currently lives on Twin Bridge Road and became a regular member of the fire team in 2000. In the past, Chris has served as Deputy Chief of Administration and EMS Captain and Lieutenant. Chris enjoys his work with the Department because it provides him with the ability to give back to the community.


Brian Koczak

Deputy Chief


Michael Penders

Deputy Chief

Michael Penders has been a member of the company since 2014.  Currently he serves as the Deputy Chief of Training and was a Lieutenant for three years prior to becoming Deputy.  Mike has a Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University and a Masters in Public Administration from Anna Maria College.


Gabriel Balsamo


Gabriel Balsamo joined the Company in 2005 serving initially as the Explorer Post President. He grew up in Madison and graduated from Daniel Hand High School. He attended the University of New Haven and graduated with a degree in Fire Science, Arson Investigation in 2013. Gabe works for United Technologies-Pratt and Whitney as an Environmental, Health and Safety Specialist in East Hartford and is also a EMT for Madison EMS.


Mark DeCillis


Mark DeCillis currently lives on Devonshire Lane and has been a resident of North Madison since 1998. He has been part of the Fire Company for the last 4.5 years and currently owns his own landscape design and construction company. He joined the organization to help the community and to be member of a community organization.


Justin Cappetta


Company Officers

The company officers are responsible for managing the aspects of the fire department that are not directly integrated with operations and calls for service.


Paul Harris


Paul Harris lives on Genesee Lane and has been a resident of North Madison for the last 22 years. Professionally, Paul has worked as a sales manager in the fire alarm industry and has served as a volunteer firefighter in the community for 20 years. Paul enjoys the fellowship of the community and enjoys the ability to give back. He is also a veteran of the Vietnam War.


David Sinofsky

Vice President



John Nassif


John Nassif has lived on Summer Hill Road since 1986. His family moved to North Madison in 1969 and John has been a member of the Company since 1997. Professionally, John works as a manager at the Summer Hill Nursery. He became involved as a firefighter to help people and to give back to the community.


Brian Reilly