The North Madison Volunteer Fire Company operates with 9 different pieces of responding apparatus.  Each unit has a very specific task and mission assigned to it.  Below are some pictures and descriptions of what each truck is responsible for.





TEN-57 is the first due engine (pumper) for the NMVFC for all fire-related calls for service. For all calls ranging from structure fires to automatic fire alarms, TEN-57 will respond. In addition, for all motor vehicle accidents, this engine will respond to provide fire suppression and protection for units operation on scene. TEN-57 carries 1,000 gallons of water, multiple lengths of hose lines for fire attack, 2,500 feet of supply line, and multiple ladders, countless other tools, and seats a crew of three firefighters.




TEN-55 is the second due engine (pumper) for the NMVFC.  TEN-55 specializes in water supply and is generally utilized at a remote water source.  In North Madison, and our surrounding towns, hydrants are not often available.  TEN-55 excels at drafting from lakes, ponds and underground storage tanks.  Either pumping directly to our primary engines on the fire ground, or filling tanker trucks operating in a tanker shuttle, TEN-55 provides an extremely valuable resource for fire attack, second only to our firefighters.  TEN-55 will often respond to our surrounding towns providing mutual aid, helping our neighboring departments with their water supply operations.






TEN-96 is the primary rescue for the NMVFC.  Carrying many different tools, including hydraulic rescue tools (“the Jaws of Life”), ventilation fans, water rescue equipment, various saws, and multiple ladders, TEN-96 is capable of providing the resources needed on a plethora of emergency scenes.  TEN-96 is the first unit to respond for motor vehicle accidents, water rescues, and other entrapment-related calls for service.  TEN-96 will also respond to all fire-related emergencies and requests for mutual aid by our neighboring departments.  TEN-96 is the primary Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) unit for the NMVFC that will respond to surrounding towns working structure fires, provided rescue services for downed firefighters.




TEN-95 is one of the highest responding units for the NMVFC.  TEN-95 responds to all medical calls for service, providing emergency medical services in the role of a supplemental first responder for the North Madison fire district.  The NMVFC averages 50% EMS calls for service.  TEN-95 is staffed by EMTs and EMRs and has a full compliment of medical supplies and equipment, including an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), oxygen, bandages, and wound stabilization items, allowing it to provide medical care until a transporting ambulance arrives on scene and helping to expedite the entire pre-hospital portion of care during a medical emergency.






TEN-68 is the only tanker the NMVFC operates.  Carrying 3,000 gallons, TEN-68 is an invaluable piece of apparatus.  In addition to carrying a large amount of water, TEN-68 has a “fold-a-tank” that can be deployed on the scene of a working fire and will hold all 3,000 gallons of water carried by the truck.  This capability allows an engine to utilize the water while TEN-68 returns to a remote water supply and refill.  During a structure fire operation, multiple tankers from neighboring departments are requested and utilized in a tanker shuttle operation, replenishing the water supply on scene when there are no hydrants available.  In many cases, a source of water can be miles away from the scene of a fire.






TEN-85 is the unit that responds to all brush fires for the NMVFC.  Four wheel drive capable, TEN-85 can easily navigate off-road terrain and provide water, fire-fighting foam, and hand tools closer to the scene while operating at a brush fire.  TEN-85 only carries 300 gallons of water and will usually require an additional water source for larger brush fires.  Although water provided by an engine, such as TEN-57, is certainly possible, it may be challenging to navigate a supply line through dense woods.  If a lake or pond is available, TEN-85 carries a floating pump that can provide the truck with enough water to continue operating.






TEN-36 is a utility truck that serves many different purposes depending on the needs of the NMVFC.  From providing protection from traffic on scene to carrying tools and resources to and from the fire ground, TEN-36 is widely use truck.  For brush fires and woodland search and rescue calls, TEN-36 tows the trailer that carries our all-terrain vehicle.  Water rescues sometimes require the use of our zodiac, also towed by TEN-36.


The Gator


Brush fires and woodland search and rescue calls require a vehicle capable of traversing some rugged terrain.  The Gator is the vehicle that provides this capability to the NMVFC.  With hundreds of acres of wilderness located in the Rockland Preserve and on the CT Regional Water Authority property, the Gator is utilized quite often.  Carrying tools and resources is not the only time the Gator is put to use.  Our Gator is outfitted with a Med-Bed providing the ability to safely secure a Stokes Basket and carry an injured person through rugged terrain, all while provided the appropriate medical care.  The Gator is also used out of the woods.  If you have attended the Madison Fireworks during the 4th of July, the NMVFC also operates the Gator during the festivities, assisting Madison EMS with the emergency medical needs of the event.


The Mack

Engine (ret.)

The Mack, formerly TEN-55, is a 1946 engine.  With a still functional pump on board, the retired engine makes appearances in the various Madison parades throughout the year.  After many years of challenging service, the Mack is enjoying a much deserved retirement.