Status Update: Fund Drive

by DC Gabe Balsamo in General

Below is an article from our latest company newsletter “Winter, Christmas, and Safety Volume 1 Issue 2”

In recent months, information was mailed to each residence in the community asking for financial support for operations at the North Madison Volunteer Fire Company. Of the 3,300 households in the community, 360 have stepped up to show their support for building a safe community. For those that have donated, we cannot thank you enough for your contributions. Although the efforts made by current donors are sincerely appreciated, we need the help of more households to ensure that the Fire Company continues to fortify the safety and well-being of the community. The North Madison Volunteer Fire Company is comprised solely of volunteers who do not receive compensation for their service. As such, every donation made to the department is directly reinvested in the community through equipment, training, and events to promote safety. If each household in the community contributed $50 we could reach full funding for the fiscal year. For those that can contribute please consider making the North Madison Volunteer Fire Company your organization of choice this year. Donations can be sent in by mail or electronically via NMVFC Donate Now.


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