A NMVFC Christmas

by DC Gabe Balsamo in General


Below is an article from our latest company newsletter “Winter, Christmas, and Safety Volume 1 Issue 2”

On Sunday, December 20th, a beautiful sunny day was made even more pleasant when my family was alerted by a siren coming down our driveway on Country Way. Having the North Madison FD arrive with Santa and his Elf, made our holiday so much more fun. As a new grandmother of an 11 month old, my grandson TJ, great nephews Brady and Lincoln were awestruck by the big red fire truck. Brady, being the oldest at age 2 1/2 was so excited when Santa came out of the fire truck and handed him a gift. Brady knew his great grandpa Jack, a former NY City Fireman, who recently passed away in July and loves fire trucks. TJ and Lincoln, although young, loved their gifts. What a great thing to do for the community. I am so looking forward to next year already when TJ will really know what is going on. Thank you for doing something so special.

Submitted by Donna Farrell

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